About Us

About Us

AZUSA ELECTRICAL SERVICES CC is a company that endeavors to provide
World Class services in the Electrical Industry. Based in Atlantis, we are
very aware of responsibility to the community that was hurt by racist
political policies of the past. Thus we pride ourselves as a Black Business
that empowers and uplift through employment and training.

Our Biggest Asset

Is our People. Focused team with ages ranging from 20 to 50 years with a
more than 60 years’ experience in the Electrical industry. We keenly
comply with the Regulations of the Department of Labour and are in
Good standing with the National Bargaining Council of the Electrical
Industry (NBCEI). Most of our staff are currently residing in the greater
Atlantis area


Our honour is to be provide consistent above average service to our
nation and to empower thorough employment and training


We are members of the Electrical Contractors Association and our workmanship is guaranteed